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Is your home suitable for Solar Energy?

There are several criteria which are crucial in assessing the suitability of your home for a solar power system. In today’s blog article, we will explain you the main factors and why they are important.



Your address is more important than you might think. It makes a big difference if you live close to the equator in Indonesia or far away from it in New Zealand. The reason is that the total radiation from the sun is decreasing towards the poles. Areas with more sunshine hours are always a better condition for harvesting solar power.

Nevertheless, depending on other criteria, it can still be a good decision to switch to solar energy even if you’re not living at the equator.


For instance, the geographic direction and the angle of your rooftop determine if your home qualifies for going solar. A rooftop which faces north is preferable to make sure that the solar panels can convert as much of the solar energy as possible. The angle or so called tilt can be adjusted by the mounting systems. 


Furthermore, the surroundings of your house are important. If your rooftop is in the shade of hills or trees, it will be less suitable for solar panels. Trees on your property can be cut down or moved in order to increase the amount sunlight that can be absorbed by the panels.


Additionally, your electricity usage needs to be considered. If you’re using most of your electricity during the day, solar modules could pay off for you. This factor is less important if you are installing a storage system. 


It is always better to let an expert make an evaluation instead of jumping to conclusions. Power Technology offers a free assessment of your home.

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