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As 40-year veterans (and counting) in solar and power solutions, Power Technology are the stand out choice for solar power solutions. Taking our experience in solar and applying what has been learned over a decade of working in schools, Power Technology has developed a dedicated solar programme for schools - the New Zealand Solar Schools programme! We believe every school in New Zealand can enjoy the benefits of solar energy!

We offer On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid solar solutions for any and every school in New Zealand. 

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OVER 100 School installs & counting!

The aim of New Zealand Solar Schools is to allow every school to enjoy the benefits of solar power and to teach children how solar energy and energy efficiency works in a fun and exciting way that will foster the imagination of our future leaders and decision makers.

In the video we have showcased three of our New Zealand Solar Schools projects, which have been recorded from a drone to capture the children and solar arrays form a beautiful aerial angle!

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We provide highly flexible solar finance and solar power purchase options for all schools. Each school is different; however, our purchase options provide a variety of solutions to enable every school to go solar.

design, supply & installation

Our experts design a solution to meet the school’s energy demand. The requisite components are then supplied and installed by hand picked installation crews to ensure optimal performance, minimal disruption to school activities and ensure long life operations.

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monitoring and data sharing

The performance of the school’s solar power and (optionally) energy consumption by the school is monitored and reported live in real time on our dedicated New Zealand Solar Schools website.

New Zealand Solar Schools

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educational learning experience

Our team of ex-teachers, principals and highly experienced professional educators will guide your schools nominated staff through a solar learning programme and interactive experience for your students. From simple to detailed STEM applications and more.


The Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency education programme revolves around all aspects of STEM as it is based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The science of how solar panels create electricity is fascinating for students as is the history which is rich in technology. Engineering is strongly linked with engineers from Power Technology as role models of a future career option. Solar data is totally maths based and can be an exciting real life example that students relate to.

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our energy partnership

A fresh approach to power your school’s learning. New Zealand Solar Schools’ customers now have an easy way to buy, sell and gift clean local energy with their communities. 

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Download our Whitepaper

Do you wish to read more information about our New Zealand Solar Schools programme? Download our Whitepaper, which contains a more detailed description of the possibilities, more information and an overview of the pro's of registering your school with New Zealand Solar Schools, and an overview of our past solar school installations!



Tony Biddick

Principal Henderson Primary

"At Henderson Primary School our tamariki investigated how we can create a more sustainable learning environment. With assistance from Maggie at Power Technology Henderson Primary School students came up with a proposal that Solar be installed at our kura. Their presentation to our Board of Trustees was very persuasive and we decided to accept the proposal. The team at Power Technology were efficient and professional and the installation process was hassle free for us. We look forward to many years of continuing to enhance tamariki learning by providing a sustainable living environment."

Dr Chere Taylor-Patel

Principal Flanshaw Rd School

"Thank you to the Power Technology Team for everything you have done to make this all work! It has been absolutely super that we have had the solar panels installed and are now working in a more sustainable way, as a learning community"

Ian Hastie

Principal Avalon Intermediate School

"Power Technology installed two solar arrays generating a total of 20 kW peak of electricity on the roof of our school. This has enabled our school to be generating electricity from a renewable source where all of the students can see it. We are very proud to be the first school in the new 'New Zealand Solar Schools programme'! We enjoyed the experience and support provided, as well as the innovative new initiatives we have been involved with in their new school programme."

Tony Grey

Principal Te Kowhai School

"The solar panels were installed on the roof of our library, and provide our students with the opportunity to learn about and participate in the use of a sustainable and renewable energy source."

Beth Noakes

Principal May Road School

"Maggie held regular workshops with our lead students and the resources she developed to support the programme were excellent. Each aspect was levelled according to the New Zealand curriculum, including authentic learning tasks. She inspired the children to become aware of the positive effect they could have on the planet, by using renewable energy sources."

New Zealand Solar Schools

Register your school NOW for the New Zealand Solar Schools programme and we will be in touch to support your school on the journey to become a Solar School!

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