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Protect your valuable data and equipment with a world-class uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, customised to your needs.



No business can afford the disaster of a data or equipment loss due to power outages or power surges. That’s why clients like Yellow New Zealand and Sanitarium trust Power Technology to ensure their critical operations are protected by world-class UPS systems.

An effective UPS is much more than a “battery backup”; it should protect and support the operation of any critical equipment like servers, sensitive instruments and computers.


How to choose the right UPS system

There are three factors to consider when choosing a UPS system:

The quality of power required
Choose the right topology of the UPS to ensure you are getting the right power quality. Standby UPS systems are recommended for domestic use and are not recommended for critical systems. A line interactive UPS monitors the utility power and regulates the waveform to provide a cleaner sine wave. And a true online system is a top-of-the-line UPS, offering a system that will actively break down the utility power and reconstruct the power waveform to a pure sine wave.

The size of the load to be supported
UPS systems are capable of supporting a load for a set length of time during a blackout. We will work with you to analyse your power loads and determine the best UPS system to suit your requirements.

The runtime required if the power utility goes offline
The length of time (autonomy) depends on the size of the load and the specific UPS system. Additional run time is achievable with the use of battery cabinets.

Our capabilities

Power Technology represents a number of high-quality brands, each with particular benefits to meet our customers’ needs. These include software to monitor and shutdown ‘cloud’ servers, rotary technology capable of serving loads up to 50MVA and systems with very high efficiency for the energy conscience.

Our expert UPS servicing team offers quick-turnaround service in the event that parts need to be maintained or replaced.

Our brands

Working with power supplies and electronic components for nearly three decades has resulted in strong relationships with leading suppliers of UPS systems from around the globe.

With the combined expertise of our in-house design team and our industry partners, we can supply small, large or custom-designed systems to ensure your operation is never affected by power outages or surges.

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