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Whether you need a simple solution or have complex requirements, our solar power products represent the best solar technology available worldwide.

Solar Power Products


Looking to upgrade your solar system or add battery storage to an existing system? Power Technology’s solar power products represent the very best available in solar technology today.

Our range of solar panels, inverters, solar battery options and generators gives you everything you need to design and install a high-performance solar power system. Partner with Power Technology for 10 years of solar expertise, access to reliable solar suppliers and high-quality, cost-effective solar solutions delivered, installed and maintained.

Solar Panels

Power Technology’s range of photovoltaic solar panels offer class leading performance, durability and quality. Our range of solar panels is suitable for grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid solar systems. Looking for a customised solar panel solution? Whether it’s a tiny 1MW panel or the largest industrial requirement, our in-house team of designers and engineers can deliver a tailored system to match your needs.

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  • SolarProduct 1
  • X CSUN Monocrystalline


An inverter is the critical component of any grid or off-grid solar panel system. Solar panels generate power in DC (direct current) while the utility grid and most electrical devices that connect to it run on AC power.

The inverter converts the DC to AC so that it can feed back into the grid and power electronic equipment. Power Technology only supplies inverters that represent the very best in reliability, safety, and most importantly for the bottom line, power yield. We have a wide range of inverters to suit any size of solar installation ranging from as small as 1.5kW to 80kW.

Selectronic Inverter
  • Selectronic Inverter
  • ABB solar inverter


Slash power bills even further by adding batteries to your solar panel installation. The sun’s energy is variable because of cloudy days and night time.

Customers who choose to include battery storage in their solar systems are able to store energy to use when solar gain is low.

Power Technology stocks a wide range of solar battery options suitable for the New Zealand market. We will work closely with you to determine the best system to suit your needs.

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Photovoltaic mounting systems are used to fix solar panels on building roofs or the ground. These systems usually enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs or as part of the structure of the building which is called Building-integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

On a rooftop, the panels can either be mounted parallel to the roof, or pitched at the best angle (particularly on very flat or steep roofs), using triangular brackets.

Ground-mounted systems are generally used for larger utility scale PV installations, and are attached to the ground by either pole mounts (driven straight into the ground), foundation mounts (for example concrete slabs) or ballasted footing mounts (such as concrete or steel bases).

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Power Technology has provided generators to commercial, industrial and residential customers for more than 26 years. With this experience comes the ability to accurately determine the most reliable and cost-effective system for our customers, no matter the size required or budget available.

We can deliver a generator solution for solar panel systems that is efficient and quiet, and provide large high-performance systems up to 100kVA.

Before integrating a generator to your solar system, we will carry out a detailed assessment to ensure you are getting the best solution for powering your solar power system.

Europower generator

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