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A dedicated NEW ZEALAND SOLAR SCHOOLS programme to ensure the next generation reaps the rewards of solar energy & sustainable energy use habits.



As over 35-year veterans in solar and power solutions, including over 70 Schools in New Zealand and South East Asia (more than any other company in New Zealand), Power Technology are the stand out choice for solar power solutions.

Power Technology is also the only New Zealand solar company with a dedicated and international Solar Schools programme, that provides solar power and learning resources, delivered by professional educators.

Just one example of our capability was as leading solar implementation company  to Genesis energy, under the Schoolgen project, which saw Power Technology complete more then 65 Schools.

Taking our standout experience in solar and applying what has been learned throughout over a decade of working in schools, Power Technology have developed a dedicated and proprietary New Zealand Solar Schools programme.


The first step is getting Solar power, installed on the roof of the school - This provides clean, locally generated and low-cost solar energy to the school and ensures long term operating costs reductions.

The data for the solar power generation and the school’s own power consumption is then sent to a dedicated website for viewing, access and use by the students, who can apply the information and resources in many areas of inquiry-based STEM learning. In addition to this the ‘near real time’ data is used by the schools environmental and energy ambassadors to teach and encourage sustainable energy use habits, ‘curb’ unnecessary consumption and show the positive results to the students. All of which is arranged within the programme.

Another unique piece of the New Zealand Solar Schools programme is in the education and resources - Maggie Twaddle, the programme manager is an ex Principal, teacher and (passionate) professional educator. Maggie has worked with students specifically with solar in schools, for over 12 years and brings the programme together inline with the required curriculum and outcomes required in New Zealand Schools. There really is nothing else like it!

Of course, the company has addressed the concerns of upfront investment for schools that wish to engage in the programme and enjoy the long-term benefits of solar.
There are several options for the purchase of the programme and the solar power provided, including:

  • Outright Purchase - The best option for your school in the long term
  • Finance - Includes dedicated Schools lending arrangements
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options - Allowing schools to buy the power generated by solar for a fixed price, long term

Operations & maintenance is also available, so its now easier than ever for any school to go solar.

From years 1 to 13 and beyond there are applications for the programme and resources. 
The New Zealand Solar Schools programme is gaining traction in schools near you. There has never been a better time to bring the many benefits of solar and energy efficiency education to your school. Backed by over a decade in schools and more than 35 years you are sure to enjoy it as much as your students will!

Get in touch today to start your New Zealand Solar Schools journey!

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Did you know that the Ministry of Education has stated that only Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand members (SEANZ) can install solar power and related technology in schools?

This is simply to ensure all our schools can have a positive benefit from solar power. Power Technology are long standing SEANZ members and supporters, and regularly undertake Government contracts so you can be assured of the quality, adherence to standards, Health & Safety practices and industry best practice applied by the company and its staff.


Russell school with impressive Solar Array

Russell school with impressive Solar Array


Otonga school with Arrays on several roof areas

Otonga school with Arrays on several roof areas








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The aim of NEW ZEALAND SOLAR SCHOOLS is to allow every school to enjoy the benefits of solar power and to teach children how solar energy and energy efficiency works in a fun and exciting way that will foster the imagination of our future leaders and decision makers.

A powerful learning opportunity

As part of the solar installation, each school’s system is connected to the internet, with data from the system streamed to the NEW ZEALAND SOLAR SCHOOLS website. From this site students can see the output from their school’s solar power system and compare it with the school's consumption and even compare to other schools in the project!

A budget conscious solution

To make the NEW ZEALAND SOLAR SCHOOLS programme accessible, the programme is available with a wide range of funding options, including finance initiatives.


Ongoing service

In addition to undertaking the solar implementation,  Power Technology provides dedicated and detailed Service Maintenance options for all our schools.

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