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Partnering with Genesis Energy to ensure the next generation reaps the rewards of solar energy.



Schoolgen is a programme developed by Genesis Energy to bring solar energy to school children across New Zealand.

Project Schoolgen 1

The aim of Schoolgen is to teach children how solar energy works in a fun and exciting way that will foster the imagination of our future leaders and decision makers. A lead supplier to the project, Power Technology has installed 44 solar power systems throughout New Zealand, with more installations planned.

A powerful learning opportunity

As part of the solar panel installation, each school’s system was connected to the internet, with data from the inverter streamed to the Schoolgen website. From this site students can see the output from their school’s solar power system and compare it with other schools in the project.

A budget conscious solution

To make the solar programme more cost effective, installations were undertaken at up to nine schools at a time. This allowed the logistics included the project – for example, design, consent, purchase, freighting and installation of all of the solar power systems – to be completed efficiently to meet both budget and deadline.

Ongoing service

In addition to giving Power Technology the lion’s share of installations required for this initiative, Genesis Energy has also entrusted Power Technology with the Service Maintenance Contract for the project.

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