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Lithium batteries are the lightest, most compact batteries on the market and offer the best performance for long life applications.

Lithium Batteries


Choose from a wide range of lithium solar batteries, as well as rechargeable or primary (disposable). Rechargeable lithium batteries are available in lithium ferrous phosphate, lithium ion and lithium polymer. Primary or disposable batteries are available in lithium manganese dioxide and lithium iron.

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With each form of lithium chemistry, there are varying advantages.

Rechargeable lithium batteries

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate

  • Safest of the lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Outstanding lifecycle (approx. 3,000)
  • High power density and high energy density
  • Maintains stability at high temperature better than other chemistries
  • Terminal voltage of 3.25V
  • Ideal for power tools, electronics, electric vehicles and as a lightweight replacement for lead-acid batteries

Lithium Ion

  • Considered the industry standard for electronic goods
  • Highest energy density of any rechargeable cell
  • Terminal voltage of 3.6V
  • Ideal as a lightweight power source for high-drain portable devices and where small size is needed

Lithium Polymer

  • Similar to lithium ion, but available in a thinner form
  • Often used in designs with high standby to pulse current ratio because of its high pulse current capability and low self-discharge
  • Ideal for digital electronic goods where slimline batteries are needed

Primary lithium batteries

Lithium Manganese Dioxide

  • Well suited for high-drain applications
  • Demonstrate a high energy density at a terminal voltage of 3V
  • Available in coin, button and cylindrical sizes including 1/2AA, A, AA, B, C and D cell
  • Ideal for commercial and military products where high reliability, extended temperature tolerance and pulse current capabilities are required

Lithium iron

  • Works as a high-energy direct replacement for alkaline batteries in most applications
  • Terminal voltage of 1.5V
  • Lasts up to 6 times longer than standard alkaline batteries in high-drain devices like digital cameras
  • Ideal for the most demanding electronic goods
  • Available only in AA

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